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Help Chabad of Aruba Grow

Chabad is in Aruba all year round!

Yes, you heard correct. 

We are blessed to serve the Jewish community (our small and beautiful community of Jewish people who call Aruba home), as well as the thousands of tourists who visit Aruba (and call our island their "second home") 365 days a year!

Shabbat dinners, Challah deliveries, Tefillin in the supermarket, Kaddish Minyan, Hebrew school, weekly Torah classes, summer camp are just some of the things...

If you haven't yet experienced a Shabbat dinner at Chabad of Aruba  you should. It's the most incredible thing to sit around the table and wine and dine while joyfully celebrating Shabbat with Jewish people from all over the world and from all different backgrounds.

Help us today to keep the light of Judaism shining bright on our little beautiful island. Help us grow this year and make sure that every Jew in Aruba knows that they have a Jewish "home away from home"!

How can YOU help?

Running an operation like Chabad of Aruba requires a major investment of time, energy, and capital. While Rabbi Ahron and Chaya work tirelessly to ensure that no Jew is left behind, and create a warm Jewish home open to all on the Island, it is YOU who can help with the expenses of keeping this incredible operation going.

Every penny of YOUR generous donation today will go straight to funding every aspect of Chabad's work and ensure that these doors will stay wide open.

Just as a side note, did you know that Chabad in Aruba is completely self funded by generous people as yourself. Every penny you donate here will stay local and go a long way on strengthening Jewish life on the Island.

We need you to keep the beauty of Judaism alive in Aruba! 

Thank you!!


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Cashapp: https://cash.app/$chabadaruba Venmo: https://venmo.com/u/Ahron-Blasberg US checks mailed to: American Friends of Chabad Aruba 525 Lefferts Ave #5a, Brooklyn, NY 11225 ~ Tax ID: #472383700 ~ We accept JCF, OJC & other Charity Funds

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