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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $130,590 for Chabad Aruba! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

Friends of Chabad Aruba

Dr. Isaac Madeb

Refuah Shelema for Leah Lily Bat Virginie

Dr. Steven and Carol Kazman

In loving memory of Dustin Kazman (Shaya Yonah ben Shalom Efraim)

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Aruba is known as the “one happy island.” 

At Chabad Aruba, we take this to heart:

One. Chabad awakens and connects the oneness within every individual and the world at large.

Happy. Approach life with a sense of optimism and joy born of meaning and purpose.

Island. Serve as an island of Jewish life on an idyllic but somewhat Jewishly lonely island.

Yes, life on Aruba sounds great. But being Jewish in Aruba can be a lonely experience.
Watch the video to hear the stories of how Chabad touches the hearts and impacts the lives of Jews residing in and visiting Aruba.
Today, we are taking the next step toward solidifying our presence in Aruba.
Today, we are purchasing an ideal property that will serve Jews in Aruba for years to come.

And you can help us do it – today!

Help us reach our goal for this campaign, so we can continue our mission to serve as an island within an island. Join us and be part of: One. Happy. Island.

Our goal: Raise $100,000 to close on the purchase of a home for Jewish life in Aruba.


For the next 36 hours only, every donation is doubled! 

$50 = $100

$100 = $200

$250 = $500

$500 = $1,000


What is Chabad Aruba?

Take Aruba, one of the most beautiful, idyllic islands in the world. Add a few dozen Jewish families that make it their permanent home. Throw in a several hundred regular Jewish vacationers that come a few times a year. Sprinkle in a few thousand annual Jewish tourists. Now give them Chabad, with its dynamic programs, myriad services and legendary dedication. Keep stirring until you achieve the desired richness of Jewish joy and unity. It’s a sweet recipe.

Why Now?

We’ve been in Aruba for five years, and created a community and a network of programs and services. To make our enterprise stable and sustainable, we are purchasing a beautiful and perfectly located property that will serve as our open home and center of operations.

How Can I Help?  

Join the campaign by giving what you can, and receive your part in our one happy island – consider it your “spiritual timeshare.” Plus, for 36 hours only, every donation is doubled! So let’s make it happen together today. 


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