Please email for inquiries and to make an order. 

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The Kosher dinners we offer are prepared fresh each day and are delivered between 7-8pm or 3-4pm on Friday.

Our Service is available each weekday evening for pickup or delivery to your hotel.

Delivery cost is $10- $25 depending on distance.

Please kindly send us your order at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability.


An additional 15% added to all orders placed within 48 hours 

To place an order please click here to email the following information:

1. Date/s of order

2. Number of portions

3. Hotel/ location of delivery (including room number)

4. Payment information (an invoice will be sent to you before you are charged)

For more information and inquiries please email . 

Please note: on Friday's we only accept orders for 'Friday/Shabbat in a bag'.